Thursday, August 31, 2006

Noah, Come Back (Just Kidding)

Where has Noah been for the past couple months? Is he off the show? I checked Dustin's excellent site, but couldn't find anything about Noah leaving. He's still listed on the official NBC site and the actor's own site says he's still on the show.

I suspect we're not seeing him because there's no one for him to date. The Noah-Fancy thing completely fizzled with the fans, so Fancy and Luis became and item. But there's no one around for poor Noah. Darn, if only Simone was straight.

Truth be told, I'm not choked up about this. While he's certainly a hunk, Noah's rubber face always creeped me out a little. And I never cared for how smug he was. I'm curious where he's gone, but I'm not anxious to see him come back.


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