Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holy Cow! "Passions" on iTunes!

It's good to be a "Passions" fan lately. Not only has the show found its footing again after several months of poor stories, but now you can download "Passions" on iTunes.

If you have iTunes on your computer, click here to go to the "Passions" page. This has just started, so there's only one episode up at the moment. It looks like we'll be able to download episodes one day after they air. This is great for screen cappers, or for those times when you miss an especially crucial day.

I think that iTunes will offer the first week for free, and after that they'll be the standard $1.99 each. You can view the show on your screen or transfer it to a video iPod.

I love that the graphic on iTunes, shown here, presents five "Passions" hotties (four if you don't count Chad). Yep, that's our show: hot guys, witchcraft, and deep dark secrets. But the hot guys come first.


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