Monday, August 21, 2006

Evil Julian is Back!

With the giant resetting of the "Passions" storylines comes a wonderful and unexpected surprise: evil Julian is back! Spurned by the true love of his life, Eve, who has chosen to stay with her needy husband, his passion has twisted to cruelty.

I'm loving it.

Sure, I kind of liked nice-guy Julian. He had a real warmth and Ben Masters played him beautifully. But now that he's nasty again, I'm remembering why I'd always loved him as a villain. He was always much more threatening than Alistair; there's a seething cruelty with Julian that really works.

I suppose the change was probably simply opportunistic: the show needed a villain to take over for the presumed dead Alistair. But whatever the case, I'm glad it happened. You know what I'd love to see? Nasty Julian make a power move and grab the company away from Theresa. If it's a public company, which it almost certainly is, he'd only need to get a majority of the board on his side. Now that could be a great storyline.


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