Monday, July 31, 2006

"Passions" Reset

Here's what I've seen lately: Theresa makes a bad first impression by spilling something on a handsome young man. Her brother Luis arrests a pretty blonde that he might be interested in, when he could have simply issued a warning.

Those storylines might sound familiar to longtime "Passions" watchers. But this is different than when the writers mindlessly repeat plots. This time, they're resetting the show. That awful Rome adventure actually cleared out a bunch of accumulated crud, and now the writers are saying, "Let's go back to the beginning, before everything was messed up."

It's brave of them to admit that the Theresa and Ethan storyline had nowhere left to go. Likewise, Sheridan and Luis were only interesting when they were apart. So let's just say that those stories are over and move on. I'm for this. It's about time.

As long as they're in a spring cleaning mood, I'd like to point out that the Fox-Kay-Miguel triangle isn't all that interesting, and that there's really nowhere for the Jessica-Snake thing to go, either. How about cleaning a few more things out while you're at it?


Anonymous becky said...

Yes, they should replace Spike with "Snake" from the Simpsons.

6:55 PM  

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