Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good News for Justin Fans

If you're still lamenting the day that original Fox, Justin Hartley, left "Passions," you're not alone. But I have good news for you: the never-aired pilot episode of "Aquaman," Justin's "Smallville"-spin-off, is now available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store.

The show is only $1.99, which is a bargain for all that Justin. While it's formatted for an iPod, it still looks great on a computer monitor.

It's rare for an unaired pilot to be put up for sale (in fact, I've never heard of it happening before), so I'm thinking this is a test. I think the network is gauging interest in the show, and will bring it back if there's enough fan support. So when you buy the show, you're really voting for it. It's currently the top video download on iTunes.

I could be totally wrong, though, because Justin is already playing a different superhero. He'll play Green Arrow, presumably a young pre-superhero Green Arrow, on seven "Smallville" episodes this fall. Maybe there's a spin-off in the works there, as well, but I'd rather see him splashing around than shooting arrows.


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