Friday, July 21, 2006


My first thought after seeing that ridiculous train explosion -- and then Luis gulping while trying to tell Sheridan about Marty's death -- was, "Why does he actually think the three of them died? Why doesn't he just wait a week until Alistair pops up the next time?"

But then a visit to Dustin's excellent Web page showed me that Beth, Marty, and Alistair are now off the show.

Hold on, someone actually died?

I would love to believe that. One of the worst things about the show is the writers' over-reliance on Alistair as the source of all evil in Harmony. With him out of the way, they would actually have to think of new reasons for things to go wrong.

Killing Beth makes a lot of sense, too. There was no where for her character to go. Luis would never stop chasing her, so all she could do was run. It gets boring.

And killing Marty makes sense because there are already too many kids on the show. I love Tabitha, but that little Ethan is a mess. What an ugly kid. And such a bad actor.

But too many false deaths on this show have convinced me that major characters never really die. Alistair dead? I'd love to believe it, but I think he'll be back.


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