Thursday, June 15, 2006

Short-Term Memory

The Powers that Be at "Passions" are probably glad that the Sci-Fi channel stopped showing re-runs. After all, it's easier for them if we don't remember what took place in the past.

I'm completely irritated by the current Theresa and Ethan storyline, because it doesn't follow "Passions" history. Rebecca didn't have to charm a tabloid editor to get the Ethan-paternity information published in "Daily Private Lives." In fact, there was no editor in the story at the time, just a reporter. She and Gwen sent the incriminating information from Theresa's laptop and that was that. Once Gwen destroyed the hard disk that her mother had kept, all the incriminating information was gone.

But that didn't leave the writers with enough to work with, so they created this bogus editor story. Please. This completely re-writes history and doesn't even make sense. Rebecca didn't need to coerce anyone into printing the information. The only reason this story was created was so Ethan and Theresa would have something to do in Rome.

Rome, ugg. It's obvious that the Rome agenda was handed to the writers as this summer's big event, and they had to twist storylines to make it work -- even if a lot of "Passions" history was broken in the process (and a lot of things simply don't make sense). Why is there a pair of virtual reality goggles with the secrets of the Vatican hidden inside them? Why is Whitney suddenly acting so stupid? Why did the Noah-Fancy storyline need to go to Rome, when it all could have been done in Harmony?

And, as long as I'm asking questions, why would Tabitha tell Kay about the mermaid curse, when she'd love for Miguel to sleep with Siren? After all, then he'd never sleep with Charity, which is Tabitha's goal.

Anyway, if anyone can help me with these questions, please do. My memory's too long and none of this is making sense to me.


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