Thursday, May 18, 2006

Warning Signs

You know you're in trouble when even the "Passions" characters comment on how repetitive the plots are.

A month ago, Luis told Sheridan that he had deja vu over her getting married in his absence. Personally, I think they just crossed out "Antonio" on the old scripts and wrote in "Chris."

Then this week, Esme told Fancy how Fancy's relationship with Noah was just on-again, off-again, over and over and over.

Kind of makes me wonder: instead of writing such self-criticizing dialogue, why don't the writers just write plots that haven't already happened?

(By the way: Why is today's picture of Ethan when he's not mentioned? Because I like it.)


Blogger Melanie C said...

Re: "I'm glad Tabitha finally explained why she doesn't age!"

She said something about staying in her same body for 300 years. I think it was in reference to Miguel's telling Siren about the guy who had a mermaid tattooed on his arm (about how it was 40 years ago but it looked just like her).

12:33 AM  

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