Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tomorrow's Good Old Days

A little time always makes things seem better. I didn't really love Timmy being on the show, speaking in that goofy little voice, acting so poorly. But now I see those as the "Passions" glory years.

Maybe in a couple years, after the show has been cancelled and forgotten by most people, we'll remember the current plots as the show's high water mark.

"Hey, remember when Whitney had those creepy blue contacts and that mushroom-head wig?"

"Yeah, that was insane. And she ran around with that hooded monk guy."

"Right, or what about Miguel falling in love with that mermaid?"

"Or how the guys were always shirtless, no matter what the scene was?"

"That was the best, man. I can't believe that was on daytime TV."

Yeah, maybe in hindsight it'll all look golden. It'll be like the Giuliani years -- we'll only remember the few bright spots.

But we're in the moment now, and man do these plots suck.

On another track: Remember to vote for the hunkiest in my poll. I'll close down voting this weekend and then we'll have a hunk-off for the top spot.


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