Saturday, May 20, 2006

The "Passions" Predator

Okay, Theresa fans, what will it take?

For the second time, Theresa has shown herself to be a sexual predator. What will it take before you admit that she's not the misty-eyed love-struck young woman that you claim she is, but is really a dangerous and delusional criminal?

The tenacity of Theresa fans amazes me. Yes, Gwen and Rebecca did something very wrong in sending Ethan's birth information to a tabloid. But Theresa does something that bad every week. All three women are dirty, but there's no comparison who's the worst.

Theresa's first time as a sexual predator was when she slipped a date rape drug to Ethan, dressed like his wife, put on his wife's perfume, and raped him. Please, don't tell me that he knew it was Theresa all along. First, he was drugged and wasn't in his right mind. Second, he showed no knowledge and gave no consent during the rape. And third, even if he did know, Theresa clearly intended to deceive and rape him, or else she wouldn't have needed the drugs.

Now she has crawled on top of Ethan and started kissing him after he clearly said that he didn't want anything sexual to do with her, and did so while he was under the influence of sleeping pills and was unable to wake up.

I know it's romantic to think of Theresa as a poor misunderstood love-struck child, but tell me, Theresa fans: if someone of the opposite sex did those things to you, wouldn't you call the police?


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