Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not Smiling

These should be good times on "Passions." The show has moved from its laser-like focus on love triangles and now has two supernatural plots. In one, a mermaid walks the earth, and in the other a spooky monk hunts for the holy grail.

So why am I not smiling?

Because they're stupid, that's why.

The mermaid plot is nothing but a speed bump in the road of the -- *sigh* -- Kay/Fox/Miguel love triangle. It means nothing. And the spooky monk thing is simply a concocted summertime event, like the Harmony Disaster or the L.A. beach house thing, and those never go anywhere. Plus, the story forces Whitney to act like an idiot, and I used to have more respect for her than that.

In the early days of the show, Tabitha had some real evilness to her. She wasn't worried about whether or not Kay got married -- she was planning a huge event that would destroy countless lives. I'm not sure if that ever happened or not (things tend to fizzle out on this show), but that's what I'd like to see -- major events that actually happen and really do change the "Passions" world. Now that would make me smile.


Blogger Melanie C said...

Don't you mean Kay/Fox/Miguel love triangle?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Thanks, Melanie. I'm gonna fix that right now.

5:32 PM  

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