Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Schvitzing on the Beach, You Gorgeous Boy

This is impressive, kind of: "Passions" introduces its first gay male character and its first Jewish character -- and it's the same person.

Meet Alfredo. He's a flaming stereotype, a schlubby, kvetching Jew, and an exotic big-money New York perfume merchant all in one. I don't mind; I'm not thin-skinned. I thought he brought some needed humor to the show. And I'm hoping he inspires the writers to introduce a permanent character who's Jewish or gay -- or both.

"Alfredo" certainly is an odd name for him. I think they chose it to give him a touch of exoticism. But maybe they just thought "Irving" was a little too on-the-nose. This way, they can claim he's Italian when the Jewish anti-defamation league comes a-knockin'.

By the way: Why isn't Fox wearing a belt with that suit? It looks so wrong. I still haven't gotten used to him delivering all his lines in a stage whisper, and now I have this to distract me.

By the way: Miguel in that square-cut suit: Yowza!

By the way: McKenzie Westmore had her little baby Sunday! He's Maddox Westmore Volpone. Congrats!


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