Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Buck'ed Up

If you tuned in to the Sci-Fi Network this week for your daily dose of early "Passions," the mischievous dwarf you saw was named Twiki, not Timmy. There was still a shirtless hunk, but, oddly enough, he had chest hair.

That's because the channel has stopped running "Passions" repeats and started running "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" repeats instead. It's a sad day for us Travis Schuldt fans, and for anyone who enjoyed early Luis or the first Miguel or Hank. Truthfully, it was a bad fit on the channel from the start. Now we can only hope the Soap Opera channel picks it up.

In better news, "Passions" was just renewed for an eighth season. We'll also see an online spin-off called "The Cove" coming soon.


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