Sunday, May 28, 2006

And the Winner Is...

Luis! Handsome Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is the winner of this blog's first-ever poll, the Harmony Hunkathon.

Despite having been missing from "Passions" for several months and rarely doing shirtless scenes anymore (unlike Ethan, Fox, and Miguel, who seem allergic to clothing) Luis came through as the winner. Congrats! My pick, for the record, was Fox, who lead in the beginning, but quickly fell behind.

I've deleted the poll now, so I'll tell you the rest of the results. Ethan came in a narrow second, and ran neck-in-neck with Luis for a long time. After them came Noah, Miguel, and Fox, in that order. Chad came in a far-distant sixth. None of the other men received any votes.

This poll tallied fans' favorite hunks from the current cast. Since no hunk received over 50 percent, we'll soon hold a hunk-off between Luis and Ethan. May the best hunk win!


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