Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hot Property

Kay, it seems, is the hottest property in Harmony. Being wooed by two gorgeous men might be a problem, but it's a problem most of us would love to have.

There's only one thing wrong with this new plotline: it's absolute garbage. I can't make myself care about it. The only thing it has going for it is that the guys seem to hate wearing shirts.

First there's Kay. For most of "Passions," she's been a negative character, always scheming. She even sold her soul at one point. But then the memo went out that Alistair and his cronies could be the only villains on the show and overnight she became a nice girl. She's an unwed mother, has no education, worked in a fish canning plant until recently, and now works for her fiance.

Then there's Fox. He's the eligible son of one of the countries most powerful families. He's traveled all over the world and dated models, but now he wants to stay in sleepy Harmony. He was all over Whitney until she chose Chad. Now he's all over Kay. Why? No one knows.

And finally, there's Miguel. He's cosmically meant to be with Charity, in that silly overblown way that only exists on "Passions," and yet he's instantly transferred his emotions to Kay. Sure.

So we have three people who aren't that interesting and who were only thrown into a love triangle because someone thought it would look good on camera. But it doesn't. There's no chemistry to any of these relationships, and zero believability that either of these guys would be madly in love with Kay. It's frustrating to watch the show when the writers put so little into it.

C'mon here, work with us. Give us some build-up, lay some groundwork. Give us a reason to care.


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