Thursday, April 27, 2006

Call Me Page Six-and-a-Half

Heaven knows this blog hasn't always been kind to the stars of "Passions." We're thinking of wooden-headed Chris (shouldn't his acting be getting better by now?) and old lipless Sam. And we've been downright cruel to the writers (who believe in recycling so much that they've taken it to absurd lengths in their work). But now people with "the means" can change all that.

Inspired by the New York Post's Page Six, we're instituting a favorable mention program. Don't worry, we're not asking anywhere near what foppy Jared Paul Stern tried to get. We think you'll find our rates reasonable. A signed pic will get you a week of good coverage, "Passions" swag (t-shirts, coffee mugs) will get you a month, and secret pics of Mark Cameron Wystrach (Fox) changing in his dressing room will get you a year of glowing mentions.

*Sigh* Yes, I realize that this joke would have been funnier three weeks back, when the Page Six scandal was fresh. But that's how my mind works -- I can't think of something new until I get rid of the old.

By the way, Sam hasn't been getting much screen time lately. Perhaps he's in Rome searching for his lost lips.


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