Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ah, Hank!

At last, my favorite "Passions" hunk of them all has returned: original Hank is back on the Sci-Fi show. I didn't realize he showed up so late, but then I didn't watch the first six months.

Why do I love him? It's not just the face or the fact that he could act slightly better than the rest of the hunks. It's also that his character was a mix of good and bad qualities. In the "Passions" universe, where everyone is either saint or sinner, that made him a welcome exception.

In my opinion, the biggest mistake "Passions" ever made was in Hank shooting Sheridan. I don't mean the shooting itself; I mean the fact that it was a hoax. I thought it was real and I was completely impressed that the powers that be would allow something so terrible to happen, and would kill off one of the show's main characters. But then we learned not only was it fake, but it was an impossibly complex hoax involving Dr. Eve and a actual burial. (Sheridan even went to Heaven and saw her mother. How could that have happened?)

From that moment on we all learned never to trust "Passions." Everything that's done can be undone; everything can be a hoax or a dream sequence. That terrible plot resolution took so much away from the show.


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