Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wiggin' Out

Is it wrong that, on my vacation last week, as I toured sunny destinations in the western Caribbean by day and drank overpriced cocktails on a cruise ship by night, that the only thing going through my mind was "What's going on on 'Passions'? Has Theresa found a new way to torture dim Ethan? Has rubber-faced Noah told Fancy his terrible secret? Will Luis experience deja-vu when he finds that Sheridan has once again married another man?"

That's why I'm obsessed. "Passions," I wish I could quit you.

How comforting to find that nothing happened. "Passions" will wait for you. Take a week off. Hell, take a month off. "Passions" will wait. Nothing major will happen until you get back. Any maybe not even then.

Actually, the thing that struck me the most on my return was Sam's hideous wig on the Sci-Fi oldies version. I didn't start with the show until six months in, so I never saw this wig. Wow, I hope the make-up person was fired over that one.

It got me wondering, how many "Passions" men have had to wear ridiculous wigs in the name of flashbacks? Alistair, of course (see picture), and Sam. I think Julian. Did T.C. ever do it? Help me out here; who am I missing? I should put together a gallery of just wig shots.


Blogger Melanie C said...

I don't remember Sam's wig, even though I started watching about three weeks after the show started. I do remember how relieved I was when Julian stopped wearing his, though. But speaking of Sam, he really needs a haircut now.

I loved this line in your entry: "'Passions,' I wish I could quit you."

11:25 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Sam's wig was in a flashback where he was remembering his past with Ivy. Guess I should have clarified that. It may have been the worst "Passions" wig ever!

11:32 PM  

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