Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Unkindest Cut

I'm in a negative mood today... and the reason is Fox's hair.

Who, tell me who, picked this new hairstyle? It's so generic. So model-boy blah. He just looks like any catalog hottie now, handsome (of course), but in a completely cookie-cutter way.

The first Fox has a spikey, highlighted 'do that completely meshed with his off-kilter personality. New Fox, for a couple weeks anyway, had a John Kennedy kind of hairstyle, that looked right for the son of a wealthy family.

But now he just looks so generic. It's an awful cut and it really bothers me that some hack producer thought it would be a good move.

As long as I'm in a negative mood regarding Fox, could the writers just once give us some idea what he sees in Kay? They were thrown together without ever building a relationship, and we never got the slightest idea why Fox would be into this, or why he stays with her. It seems like she's always being negative -- about the proposal, about dancing with him -- and he just adores her. Come on, Ethan is already taking the role of the Ken doll fantasy man. Couldn't Fox just have a little bit of edge to him?


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