Monday, February 13, 2006

We're All Sci-Fi Nerds Now

"Passions" fans are the same as comic book fanboys and "Battlestar Galactica" groupies. That's what I've learned now that "Passions" is being replayed from the beginning on the Sci-Fi Network.

Did you know that you've been watching sci-fi all this time? I thought I was watching a traditional soap that throws in a touch of witchcraft and loads of beefcake to attract a younger viewer. But I guess I've been watching science fiction.

I can't wait to start seeing the classic episodes, to once again enjoy classic Ethan, classic Kay, and the same Julian but with darker hair. I can't watch it today, though, because there was too much snow on my satellite dish this morning to get reception. Great, the debut of sci-fi "Passions" had to correspond with the largest snowfall on record in the New York City area.

I'll catch it tomorrow, though. The snow has already melted enough.

I'm thrilled to see that Passionate, the "Passions" photo gallery site, is capping the classic episodes. Sure, Eric Martsolf is probably the hottest guy on TV, but there was always something special about Travis Schuldt.

Plus, now I'll get to see classic Hank again, who was always my favorite.


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