Saturday, February 25, 2006

The "Passions" Hat Trick

Yesterday was a banner day for "Passions." It's not everyday we get the "Passions" Hat Trick.

First, we had Ethan exposing his chest while wearing his robe (a curious hooded robe, that I bet is for sale right now on Ethan likes to wear a robe wide open, so that his chest is fully exposed. For such a straight-laced boy, he's quite an exhibitionist.

Next, we had his half-brother Fox post-shower, wrapped in a towel and gingerly dabbing his neck with a second towel. Interesting drying technique that boy has. Doesn't want to muss the hair.

Finally, new Miguel entered Kay's dreams by stripping off his shirt. This was the first shirtless appearance of new Miguel and wowee! What a bod. As long as he stays shirtless, I'll never notice his stiff-as-a-plank line delivery.

Shirtless hunks: they're the one thing we can all agree on. Some people hate Theresa, some love her; some want more magic and silliness on the how, some want it more traditional. But no one refuses three helpings of shirtless himbo.


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