Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day Four

The answer is day four. For anyone wondering how long it would take for the new Fox, Mark Cameron Wystrach, to strip down, the answer is day four.

Thank God. I don't know what took so long.

We all knew that Justin Hartley, a big fan favorite, would be hard to replace. But I have to say that I think Wystrach was a fantastic choice. Hartley had a frat boy likability and an easy quirky manner. He seemed genuine, which is increasingly rare on "Passions." But, on the downside, he was never even slightly convincing as Fox, the bad boy son of a wealthy family. This was not a guy who had lived the playboy lifestyle for many years. I blame Hartley's flat, Midwestern delivery.

Wystrach actually does feel like he could be a wealthy Crane (although he doesn't feel like a former playboy, either). And, as we all learned today, his body rivals Eric Martsolf's. Damn, if I looked like that, I'd never wear shirts.

The only downside with Wystrach is that he's so softspoken. Why is he whispering? I'm sure he'll grow into the character.

Wystrach is actually a decent actor, which is also rare on this show, and he feels a lot more genuine than Martsolf, who comes off as plastic as a Ken doll. That's why new Fox is now my fav on the show. Long live Fox!


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