Wednesday, February 22, 2006


For fans of old-Fox Justin Hartley in a swimsuit (and who isn't?), comes big news from TV Guide. He's been tapped as a replacement for the lead in the new Aquaman TV show, which is a "Smallville" spin-off. The news item says the producers decided on Hartley because they wanted to go in a different direction. Any bets on what that means?

Read the article here. The link will only be good for a day or so.

I'm curious to see what Hartley will bring to the role. Will he use the same goofy manner and flat delivery that charmed us all on "Passions"? Or has he been saving his good stuff?

This makes Hartley the second "Passions" break-out star, after old-Miguel Jesse Metcalfe. I bet Galen Gering is pissed!


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