Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Touch of Evil

Wasn't yesterday's show delicious? For much of the hour, it was exactly the soap I want it to be. I was so happy.

The show opened with Fancy flipping out over Alistair being stabbed, while everyone else in the room looked discretely away. Then Rebecca suggested they all get a drink and everyone made for the bar. Delicious, I say it again. Great timing and great dark humor.

I also loved when Katherine said there was no way they could all stay in that room and watch Alistair die -- they should adjourn to the solarium for bridge.


Credit for the fun also goes to those weird fishbowl close-up shots, as the camera zipped around the room studying every guilty face.

For a moment, it became clear to me what "Passions" needs to do if it's every going to become insanely great, must-watch TV: Everyone needs to be a little bit evil. I'm sick of all the saints in Harmony. The show would be a lot more fun if more people on it were vicious backstabbing bastards and bitches. Maybe Sam could sneak off to get revenge on Spike, or Julian could silence Liz once and for all. Sheridan can stay a saint, just for contrast, but it's much more fun when everyone is a little bit dirty.

The only part of the episode I didn't like was when it became clear that Alistair would live. Kill him off, I say. Having one hugely evil guy is too limiting for the show.

But giving everyone a touch of evil, now that's sure to be fun.


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