Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spoiler Alert!

Wah-hoo! I finally got some good spoiler information! I normally don't like spoilers, but this time I'll make an exception since it comes from a super-secret "Passions" source.

I found out for sure who Alistair's attempted killer was. Yep, I found out and I'm going to share it with you.

The person who tried to protect his or her secret by stabbing Alistair in the back. That's what I found out and what I'll be telling you.

If you don't like spoiler information, stop reading this now, because I'm about to reveal the name of the attempted killer.

The stabber's name will follow, so again, stop reading if you don't want to know.

Someone really wanted to protect his or her secret, don't you think?

I think we should recap all those secrets now, just to refresh our memories. Noah's secret is, well, I guess we don't know Noah's secret. Something about a guy getting shot I think. But Alistair knew it, and that's what counts. And perhaps that's why he was stabbed.

Now Kay's secret...

On second thought, maybe we don't need to recap all the secrets. I'll just tell you the name.

The attempted killer is...

about to be told...

I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from all this typing. Let me take a break...

Okay, I'm back now, and I'm about to reveal the name.

The stabber is...

(can you dig it?)

The name is...

Hold on, there's someone at the door. Package delivery, I guess. I can't even remember what I ordered. Maybe it's those baby elephant figurines from Red Envelope. Or those Gothic sconces from Pottery Barn. Wow, the anticipation. Hang a sec...

I'm back now. I missed the UPS guy. Guess I should have answered the door instead of typing about how it might be a package delivery.

Anyway, the name.

The name is...

Shoot, there's my beeper. I'm due at the ER. Someone's going into labor. I'll have to tell you the name tomorrow. But it'll be worth the wait.



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