Monday, January 02, 2006

Loving Theresa

I've noticed something interesting about some -- not all, but some -- Theresa supporters: they're as batshit crazy as she is.

Check out this posting of mine from September, reacting to an angry response I'd gotten about something I'd written on the Harmony stalker.

I keep getting new responses to this posting, and the people who write them seem absolutely nuts. Check out the all caps one toward the end, written by a person who called herself Rolanda on other posts. Look how crazy she seems, and how she disregards everything bad that Theresa does. I guarantee that Rolanda lives in a trailer and practices Santeria.

Then yesterday I got two new nutty ones from an anonymous poster. This person thinks that everyone in Harmony is as bad as Theresa because Eve used to use drugs, Simone is a lesbian, and Ethan is dumb.

Look people, I love watching Theresa, but you have to admit that she's a loon. Just a few days ago she broke a vow to God and then threatened people with a scalpel after Ethan himself asked her to leave his hospital room. Like her if you want, but please stop blindly defending her.

Otherwise you risk sounding as crazy as she does.


Blogger sparklefluff said...

I replied to that Theresa post. I admit that I like Theresa because she's wacky. She adds some spice to the show and I am always waiting to see what wacky thing she'll think up next. But I will also admit that she goes too far some times. She justifies everything she does with "fate" or "true love". Honestly I wonder how Ethan could love someone that acts like she does. Theresa needs some counseling and to move on to find a man who can love only her and make a family with her and her kids. Ethan has obviously made his choice and Theresa is only making a fool of herself at this point.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you putting Tfans down like that. Just b/c your a Tfan does'nt mean your a psycho. Just b/c u believe T's insane or whatever does'nt mean everyone else has to feel the same way or they're "on crack". No one takes this show that seriously. I might be a Tfan and i might support everything she does but that's just b/c this is a soapopera and nothing on this show is realistic. Yeah in the real world Theresa would be considered a psycho but Passions is'nt the real world and no one's truly normal on this show anyway.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I better be careful b/c now i know that by defending Theresa on this site you might be called a crack head or something b/c you have to be just like Theresa to actually like and support the character.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Holy guacamole! Did you even read my posting? I made it clear that I wasn't talking about all Theresa fans. What I was saying was that Theresa fans often sound crazy when they post here. That isn't saying that all Theresa fans are crazy. I'm just saying that many of the ones who post here sound crazy. Read the posts I refer to and see if you don't agree.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did read the posts you were refering to and i dont agree. Yeah they feel strongly about the character but i doubt they take this show that seriously and if they do thats them. You dont have to insult them for disagreeing with you. Whats the point of having a blog and asking people to leave there comments/opinions after they read your blog if you dont want to hear other people's opinion. They like Theresa, so what, instead of thanking them for reading your blog or whatever and leaving there comments you call them crazy and say there on crack. I read everything you wrote the first time and you say you are'nt refering to all Theresa fans but evrytime a Theresa fan comes on here and disagrees with what you say you insult them for it.

4:33 PM  

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