Monday, January 09, 2006

Dr. Eve Get's it Right (and Wrong)

Sometimes I just don't know what to make of Dr. Eve. I'll see her working every department in Harmony General, from the morgue to pre-natal to the ER, and I'll think, "What a powerhouse. I bet she even does the billing." Then other days she'll declare someone dead ten minutes before they wake up amazingly recovered. She gets the imminent death thing wrong a lot, I've noticed.

This Alistair episode has only deepened my confusion. A few days ago, she declared him dead after not finding a pulse. What kind of a doctor is this -- she couldn't even detect his pulse? Don't tell me it was weak -- of course it was, he'd just been stabbed with a butcher knife. You'd expect the pulse to be pretty shallow, if it's there at all.

But then she pulled Alistair through using his in-house hospital equipment. What really impressed me, though, was when she told Julian she'd removed the knife and sutured Alistair up. She sewed up internal wounds 12-inches deep, without assistance and in an evening gown. She didn't even muss her hair! I take it all back, she's a super doctor after all.


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