Sunday, December 11, 2005

Three Scenes

Three quick scenes from a recent "Passions":

1. (Medium shot of Dr. Eve Russell in her office, looking concerned)

Dr. Russell: Ethan's condition is so weak. And now he's been kidnapped by Theresa... (Suddenly looks startled, turns; close-up shot) ... Dear God, I hope she knows not to cover his chest!

2. (Medium-shot of Gwen and Rebecca, in Ethan's hospital room)

Gwen: I'll kill that crazy bitch the next time I see her. Kidnapping my husband for her own twisted... (Suddenly looks horrified, turns to Rebecca; close-up shot) ... Oh my God, does she know that she can't cover his chest?!

3. (Medium shot of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane in the Crane cabin, sitting by Ethan's bedside)

Theresa: (Crying as she speaks) Don't worry, Ethan, I'll take excellent care of you here, and I'll never let anything happen to you until you wake up. I'll feed you and give you your medicine and clean the bedpan ... (sobs) ... and I'll be careful never to cover your beautiful chest.


Anonymous Cureboy said...

Hey now. The fact that Ethan is sitting there with his chest uncovered is the only part of this storyline that is watchable :)

10:36 AM  
Blogger Melanie C said...

Ha ha ha!

2:48 PM  

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