Thursday, December 01, 2005

Discrimination Begins at Home

Yesterday's scene between Simone and old Aunt Irma was a surprise and a pleasure. Did a guest writer do this? Or can the existing "Passions" writers actually take on a divisive topic in a way that illuminates characters and makes the audience think?

If so, they should do it more often.

(Okay, I'm being harsh; the Ethan-is-a-vegetable plot is also pretty good and thought-provoking.)

Anyway, I liked how they contrasted Aunt Irma's history with racial prejudice with her readiness to turn away her own great-niece for being a lesbian. There's a lot of room for interesting stories there, and I think they should bring back Aunt Irma more often. Maybe the nursing home burns down and the Russels have to take her in.

On another track: As great-looking as he is, man is it difficult to watch Chris's scenes. He speaks like he has a new mouth and he hasn't learned how to use it yet.


Blogger Melanie C said...

Chris just sounds like a broken record to me. He gets on my nerves.

10:26 PM  
Blogger Melanie C said...

Hey, thanks for the linkage!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Cureboy said...

They need to open a Jefferson's Dry Cleaners in Harmony and bring George Jefferson to the show as a love interest for Aunt Irma

Imagine all the fun George could have making fun of Julian and Eve.

Eventually George asks Aunt Irma to marry him. But Harmony is shocked when the lady with the red fingernails turns out to be....Weezy!!

11:42 PM  

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