Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Other tricks that the "Passions" producers have in mind to get the show's men shirtless:

1. Liz needs to raise money quickly or she'll lose the Blue Note. Noah dances a strip-tease at the fund-raising lady's night.

2. Fox and Chad get so mad at each other that they fight a dual with swords. Of course, they remove their shirts beforehand.

3. Theresa smacks Gwen across the forehead with a fireplace poker. Ethan uses his shirt to bandage the wound.

4. Chris develops a life-threatening allergy to fabrics, but only on his torso.

5. Sam gets a little too into it at a Dead or Alive concert and starts dancing on the stage.


Blogger Dolly Dawn said...

I like this, like this, like this!
Got here by accident.....Glad I did

12:11 PM  
Blogger sparklefluff said...

Those Passions guys are yummy to look at :-)

9:28 AM  

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