Thursday, November 03, 2005

Leave a Beautiful Corpse

I tell you, even in the worst of times, "Passions" has its priorities. Ethan is comatose and may die or live out his life as a vegetable...but there's still time for ogling his fantastic chest. I ask you, have you ever been in a hospital room where the patient was kept half undressed? I sure haven't.

Not to be shady, but this coma thing seems to fit Eric Martsolf's acting style to a T. It's like he's been practicing for years.

And woe, nutty Theresa is to blame for his state, her and her spicy guacamole. But it wasn't her intention, you see. She only meant to kill her husband, whom she only recently swore marriage vows to in a church, before God, vows that she didn't mean. The Theresa apologists must be having a hard time defending this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Theresa is to blane for Ethan being where he is there's is no way of getting around that. But you better believe Gwen(his wife) and Rebecca(his mother in law) are just as guilty. Yes they are. They had the power to stop it from happining and did'nt b/c they wanted to see tHeresa go down. Well now her beloves husband is in a coma partially b/c of her selfish desires. I know, how was Gwen supposed to know that Ethan was going to eat the guacamole? Well she could'nt have known just like Theresa could'nt have known but Gwen knew exactly what Theresa was doing. She knew Theresa poisoned the guacamoly. All she had to do was go up to Ethan and tell him. No she did'nt have to tell him but if she did she would've prevented it from happening. What was Ethan thinking anyway. Theresa just got done telling him she was going to try to kill Al. Why would he eat something out of Alistair office. Dont get me wrong i dont blame Ethan i'm just sayen it was pretty stupid of him to do something like that. HE just saw both Alistair and Theresa leave the office but whatever. Anyway yes Theresa is to blame but she's not the only one.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Cureboy said...

My goodness. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Theresa. That woman gets on my nerves to no end. I actually like Gwen a whole lot better. Gwen's not really a bad person. Usually she lets her mother talk her into doing the things she does.

But Theresa on the other hand. Ethan has simply become an obsession with her. Its scary. She's basically prostituted herself to Alistair, and then has the nerve to act surprised when Alistair treats her like trash.

You know what would be hilarious? Theresa finally finds out that Gwen told the tabloids about Ethan being Sam's son. She tells Ethan this. And Ethan says, "So you think this means I'm going to run back to you now? I don't think so, honey"

6:32 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Hi Cureboy -- I'm glad to have a kindrid spirit posting. Please keep reading the blog and posting your thoughts.

It's weird how many people view Theresa as a hero, even though she's shown that she'll stop at nothing to get the man she's obsessed about. She's deranged.

Theresa already did find out that Gwen and Rebecca sent the letter to the paper, though. Gwen told her directly, knowing that Theresa couldn't do anything with the information. After everything she's done, no one would believe her.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous merrycherry701 said...

I understand the Theresa hate, even though I do tend to sympathize with her. I know she pulls a lot of crazy schemes, and if this was the real world she would most certainly be locked up, but this is Passions, where the more insane the character, the better.

I never hated Gwen, until the court case a few months ago, where even though Gwen was on trial for attempting to murder Theresa, the verdict was that Theresa was an unfit mother who didn't deserve her child. Hmmmm, don't see how that one works. And Gwen's constant insistence on calling Jane her daughter bugs me to no end.

Theresa is NOT responsible for Gwen's children's deaths. She is certainly a factor- a LARGE factor- in both unfortunate deaths, but they can not be attributed solely to her. Gwen, who was pregnant, in the HOSPITAL, and at high risk to go into labor should NOT have dragged herself out of the hospital to go have a physical fight with Theresa. It was not smart at all, and it was her own decision. While Theresa's pushing her was the act that killed the child, Gwen should not have been there, END OF STORY.

And in the second circumstance... well, yeah, it was pretty much Theresa's fault, can't argue that one too much.

But Gwen is pretty evil too... turning up the music and allowing Theresa to be raped? Physically attacking her every chance she gets? I don't care if her schemes are at Rebecca's suggestion, the truth is that SHE DID THEM.

In short, I'm not crazy about either of them, but I do love to see how people fight over them... and how they fight over Ethan. One day they will wake up and realize that as beautiful as those pecs are, the man is just not worth it.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITA Ethan really is'nt worth it. I also agree that Theresa is obsessive but so are most of the characters on this show, especially Gwen. I'm not gonna stop liking Theresa b/c of it. She's a great character on this show and even her haters will admit this show would be boring without her. Gwen is just as "evil", just as obsessive, and just as guilty for Ethan being in a coma. IMO Theresa is the underdog she fights for what she believes is right. IF she truely believed that Ethan was'nt the man she was destined to be with and if she truely believed Ethan did'nt love her just as much as she loved him she would'nt do the things she does. Gwen on the other hand knows Ethan is in love with Theresa and never cared. She said herself she rather see Ethan dead than see him leave her for Theresa. That shows you what kind of person Gwen is and the only reason she holds on to Ethan is so that Theresa cant have her. This is more like a competition to Gwen. It's about getting revenge and getting everything she can from Theresa includint Theresa's kids. Theresa on the other hand is all about being with the man she loves and the children she loves. IMO Ethan loves himself more than either woman but thats not what they see. B/c this is a soap opera and not real life i support the Theresa character, i understand her motives a lot better. JEr writes the characters the way he does for a reason. One day he makes you want to sympothise for one character and the next day he makes you hate them. I try to stick and root for the same person through out. Whatever he or she does i try to understand where there comming from and why they did what they did. Otherwise you'll never have a favorite character. Anway it's not so much fun rooting for the "good guy" all the time.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Nothing get's "Passions" fans talking like Theresa. IMO, she's a brilliant character. Soap fans are conditioned to root for true love above all else, so the creators of the show are testing how far they can go and still have people root for Theresa's "true love." She knocked out Ethan and Gwen's surrogate and stole the embryo. She literally put a knife in Gwen's back. She drugged and raped Ethan to get his seman. She married a man she didn't love to get near Ethan. She then tried to kill that man and almost killed Ethan (we know he won't die).

All this is just to test how far she can go and still have the fans root for her. She's a crazy, crazy character and a danger to everyone in Harmony, but she keeps the show interesting.

11:46 AM  

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