Thursday, November 10, 2005

Betting on the Wrong Couple

Falling in love with a "Passions" couple is a serious undertaking. You don't want to give your heart to growing romance only to find it doesn't have the staying power. Especially if you're building a Web site, then you want to make sure this is something that will last.

Sadly, the Internet is littered with "Passions" sites devoted to couples that didn't make it. Look at Surrender: A Fox and Whitney site. I feel kind of bad for them. I mean, we all thought Fox and Whitney would last. It had all the classic "Passions" signs: it took them a long time to come together, Whitney was with Chad while Fox fibbed about some mystery woman, there was lots of anguish and longing. Whenever a relationship comes hard in "Passions," that's supposed to show us that it's worthy. People don't just meet and decide to go out on this show.

For all the time it took them to get together, Fox and Whitney split in no time. The people on this site don't seem to have noticed. They still post to their forums about "Foxney." Yuck. Boy does that sound awful. Let's all stop with the combined names, okay?

I wonder if there are any Reese/Jessica sites out there.

One More Thing: While surfing today, I stumbled across this "Passions" drinking game. It's kind of cute. Sure, two in the afternoon is a little early to start drinking, but what the hell. Pour one for me, while you're at it.


Anonymous Cureboy said...

I must agree about the cutesy combined couple names. I hope these people don't say that on first dates, "Did you know that I am Foxney?"

8:15 AM  

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