Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Where Are my Rewards?

Once again I have to blog about a cool, high-tech thing being done... by another soap!

"Days of Our Lives" is starting a rewards program where viewers create an account at the show's Web site, watch the show every day, then log into their account to answer a question about that day's episode. Doing so earns them points they can use to buy crappy things they don't need.

Doesn't that sound great? I can't understand why "Passions," which probably has a young, computer-savvy audience, doesn't have a program like this. But "Days" is also on NBC, so maybe if this catches on, "Passions" will get it, too. Hope so. I'd love to earn some rewards for watching this silly show.

Another track: Thanks to the poster yesterday who tipped me off to TV Guide's soap opera poll. This week's question is whether or not people like the many shirtless scenes in today's soaps, and they illustrate the poll with the same Eric Martsolf pic I used a couple days ago. Clearly somebody at TV Guide reads this blog. That's cool. How about a link?

I voted and was surprised to find that about 20 percent of the respondents don't like the shirtless scenes. Crazy. I wish the men of "Passions" never wore shirts at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome for the tip, I saw it and immeadiately thought of you.

6:36 PM  

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