Thursday, October 13, 2005


You saw yesterday's show, right? Wooden dolt Ethan and nutty Theresa were having a long conversation and, for no apparent reason, Ethan's shirt was wide open and his gorgeous slabs of pecs were on display. I guess we were supposed to think he was caught in the middle of undressing and didn't have time -- what? -- to button one button?

I love that the writers are acknowledging the main reason we watch this show. Sure, the silly plots are fun, but if all the men in the cast looked like Jack Klugman, the show wouldn't have lasted a month.

The writers used to create plausible reasons for the male characters to flash their pecs: swimming, changing in the locker room, crawling into bed. Those days are over. Expect the better-looking men to now walk around with their shirts open while in town or at work. Maybe one of Tabitha's spells will backfire and all the buttons in town will disappear.

Hey, that works for me. Do what you gotta do, writers.


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