Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mambo Italiano

Yesterday's "Passions" was preempted in the New York area by coverage of the Columbus Day Parade. As a longtime resident, I can tell you that the city has a different ethnic parade every weekend and most of them are more exciting than this one. I think it's simply tradition that this boring Italy-fest gets TV time. Still, I had recorded it automatically so I decided to watch it.

One of the cohosts was former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Joe Piscapo, and I thought the low point of the parade was when the female cohost asked him what his favorite pasta was. Really. She did. I believe he answered cappalinni arrabiata, for those who need to know.

Then I saw that the grand marshall was draconian, rule-twisting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Now that's the low point, I thought. What a great role model for the little bambinos, a crooked judge with horns.

But then, right at the end, the true low point came. Joe Piscapo joined a high school marching band and sang "New York, New York" in a wavering Frank Sinatra imitation, going in and out of it frequently. To really ramp up the cringe factor, he changed some of the words to reflect his Italian pride. Close-ups revealed that life has not been kind to Joe Piscapo.

Okay, that's enough of a break. Now bring back nutty Theresa and wooden hunk Ethan.


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