Thursday, October 27, 2005

Death Be Not the End

Not on "Passions" it isn't. I don't read the spoiler sites and I still know that that isn't Luis in the box. And how many times has Sheridan died? There were two times, I think, that she went to Heaven and met her mother at the gates. So how do the writers explain that one, with her mother now being alive, or don't they bother?

"Passions" doesn't reward viewers for paying attention.

I understand that there's a supposed murder coming up, and it looks like the writers are gearing up to knock off Alistair. I bet, when all this is over, that neither Alistair nor anyone else in the cast will have died. The only people who die in Harmony are Jessica's johns.

It makes me wish somebody would just stay dead. The Powers That Be need to realize that all these reversals just make the audience feel jerked around and unable to invest in the show.

Another Track: I loved Rebecca's Provincetown joke the other day. It was funny and mean, and it reminded us that the show really is set in New England. But then today Tabitha did a Provincetown joke. C'mon writers, you can't repeat a good thing the very next day.


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