Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shades of Gray

It's time for me to wake up and admit that the character development on "Passions" has been getting better and more interesting.

Longtime viewers will remember that in the beginning, characters on the show were either all good or all bad. There was nothing in between. Julian, bad; Ethan, good. Ivy, bad; Grace, good. Tabitha, bad; Charity, super good.

Back then, Hank was the only one somewhere in the middle. The original Hank is still my all-time favorite "Passions" character.

But in the past few years, good characters have been doing bad things and bad characters have been doing good. I should give credit, because it makes the show more better.

I'm not talking about Julian's conversion, which is a wholescale change of character. I'm talking about when Gwen lets herself go along with one of her mother's plans to punish Theresa, plans which go too far. Gwen's still a decent person, and almost stopped Beth's babynapping.

Ivy tried to help Jessica, although she's still mostly a schemer. Jessica got pulled into a seedy life, but only because her mother leaving tore her apart. Liz has done good things for people, just not her sister. Even Tabitha has done a few good deeds.

It makes the show feel more true when characters aren't so holy (or evil) all the time, and makes it more interesting to watch. I hope it continues. Maybe someday boy scout Ethan will get in on it and think a bad thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITA! But i do think Ethan does think bad thoughts(lol), daydreams about Theresa. HE just does'nt say them out loud. He wants everyone to think honest, selfless, perfect, good guy, but we all know he's not.

9:07 PM  
Blogger sparklefluff said...

Ethan is mentally unfaithful to Gwen. Also remember him making out on the beach with Theresa in LA? Or the fact that he now says that he knew it was Theresa he was making love to and didn't care?

8:30 AM  

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