Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The "Passions" Experience

I was walking by the NBC Experience Store in Rockefeller Center the other day and for a second I got excited thinking I'd pop inside and see what "Passions" items they have in stock. Then I remembered that I'd done that a few times before, with disappointing results.

"Passions" ain't exactly the biggest gun in NBC's arsenal, so it doesn't have a lot of items in the store. You'll find a few girl's t-shirts and a keychain, I think. And I'm not sure about the keychain.

To help the store planners out, here are a few things I'd like to see in the "Passions" section. Feel free to kick in your own ideas.

1. A men's black t-shirt that says "Passions."

2. Men's briefs with Ethan's face on the front.

3. Men's briefs with Ethan's, Noah's, Fox's, and Chris's faces all in a row.

4. A Men of "Passions" playing card set, with revealing photos.

5. That great jacket/shirt thing that Chris has been wearing.


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