Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One Town, Under God

Harmony has a lot of diversity for a small New England town. There's black (the Russels), Hispanic (the Lopez-Fitzgeralds), and Irish (the Lopez-Fitzgeralds). There's rich (the Cranes) and poor (the Lopez-Fitzgeralds). There's saintly (Sheridan), witchy (Tabitha), kooky (Theresa), and lipless (Sam). But despite all their differences, there's one thing all the Harmony residents have in common.

They're all Catholic.

Now, I can see the Lopez-Fitzgeralds being Catholic (on both sides), but shouldn't the uber-rich old-money Cranes (and the Winthrops) really be WASPs? And isn't it more likely the Russels would be Baptist or some other Protestant division, perhaps Methodist? How is it that everyone is the whole town goes to the same church -- and it's a Catholic one?

Maybe the show's creator, James E. Reilly, has the answer.

Even more appalling than the weird lack of religious diversity is the particular magical Catholicism at work. Ever noticed that the prayers of the good are always answered in Harmony? Instantly, and often with celestial light and soaring angels. You know what would be an interesting twist on "Passions"? If one time, just one time, someone good prayed and God said no.

Or if a Jewish family moved in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats so true, i never realized that. They're all catholics, strange. They should bring a Jewish or some other religion into the show. But then who would they go to if they dont have father Lonigahn,lol.

1:02 PM  

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