Thursday, September 01, 2005

One Sweet Kiss

I had planned on blogging about something else today, but I was so blown away by Simone and Rae that I had to change topics. What lovely scenes we've had with Simone these past two days. The coming out scene was clearly written by someone who knew from experience, and the scenes yesterday with Rae were so sweet. The whole time I was getting a little miffed that there was nothing physical happening between them (as would happen with any other "Passions" couple), and then at the end we were treated to that sweet kiss. Awwww! That was SO SWEET!

But what do we call this couple? Simrae? Rasim? I wish the writers would think about what names sound good together before they make these couples. If Rae's name was Barbara, we could have called them Simba.

Anyway, I hope some fan sites crop up for this couple. Let me know if you see any.

On the flip side, here's a great gallery of screencaps from Ethan's recent shirtless scenes. Good lord, what a body.


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