Monday, September 19, 2005

Flashback: What a Feeling

So with the current Gwen and Theresa drama, we have to hear some variation on the words laptop, paternity, exposed, and tabloid about twelve times every episode. What a mouthful. Wouldn't it be great if The Powers That Be at "Passions" threw in a flashback to that original scene? They won't, of course, because Ethan was played by a different actor then, but I wish they would. I'd love to see a little camp in "Passions," which gives us ridiculous plots, but then plays them straight. Why not have fun with it once in a while? They could do a flashback and then come out of it with Gwen saying, "You parted your hair on the other side back then" or "Something about you was different then."

Second item: How much longer do we have to watch Noah flip bottles with that cocky everybody-loves-me smile. It's the biggest turnoff in "Passions" history. Okay, Dylan Fergus was a bartender in real life. We get it.

Speaking of, his gay slasher pic Hellbent opened in New York this weekend. I didn't go, but I'll probably see it next weekend. Have any of you seen it yet? If so, tell me what you thought--but no spoilers, please. :)


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