Friday, September 16, 2005

The Couple Who Wasn't

So I'm standing in the grocery store today paging through Soap Opera Digest and I see the results of a fan poll they held online. They asked people their favorite actor, actress, and couple for every soap.

The winning actor on "Passions" was Justin Hartley. Maybe this should cue the producers to put Fox in more than one episode a week. The winning actress was his sister Lindsay Hartley. Just kidding, I know she's his mother.

But the big shocker was that the winning couple was Ethan and Theresa. Wha? Look "Passions"-fans: that dim-witted son of privilege and his stalker aren't a couple. Please, if they're a couple, then Fox and Noah are my favorite couple.

Speaking of Ms. Hartley, there's a bio on her on the Soap Opera Digest site right now. Click here. Turns out she's not really Hispanic -- she's Greek and Italian. Wow, I was fooled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! You're right Theresa and Ethan are'nt a couple. But then again who else is there to vote for? Ethan and Gwen? Yuck! Julian and Eve? Borring!!!!Uhhh lets see.... who else.....ummm..Ivy and Sam? They are'nt really a couple either. Fancy and Noah?...Nope not a couple. How about KAy and Fox? Naaahhhhhh! Who else is left? Anyway Justin and Lindsay are the best actors on the show in my opinion. Ben Masters and Tracy Ross are great too. Lindsay Hartley is'nt hispanic? She fooled me too, lol. Well not really actually, Theresa never speaks spanish on the show. All u hear her say is mamma and pappa. Thats as spanish as she gets,lol.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

You left off Sheridan and Luis, the main "Passions" couple. Okay, neither is on the show right now, but still...

I guess I like Fox and Kay more than you do. And I would consider Fancy and Noah a real couple. They're just doing that bickering-before-they-admit-they-like-each-other thing that Sheridan and Luis did years ago.

I wonder if Chad and Whitney were on the voting list.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are'nt a couple anymore, well atleast for now. Sheridan is hooking up with Chris now(roll eyes), Luis who?(LOL) Chad and Whitney are'nt a couple either,lol, they're brother and sister. OK Noah and Fancy may be a couple now but lets see how long it last. IMO they are'nt very interesting. It's Sheridan and Luis or maybe even Ivy and Sam all over again. I dont think Fox and Kay are horrible i just think they're a little....well very forced. One minute they're fated and obsessed with completely different people and the next minute they're completely over it and in love with each other.GMAB, when does that ever happen on PAssions. No one gets over they're first love,lol, no way. The writer should've done a better job building this couple up like he did Luis and Sheridan and even Theresa and Ethan. These couple's are the power couples, the most interesting couples b/c of the way he built them up. He made us fall in love with them. I mean u have to admit in the beginning they were great, now they're cr@p, but they were beautiful in the beginnig. They were'nt forced or thrown down our throughts. The build up was slow and concvinsing. U felt the love between Ethan and Theresa, Luis and Sheridan. With Fox and Kay u dont feel it or see it. U almost feel like u have to like Foxay. OK i'm done,lol.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

I agree completely about Fox and Kay. It seems like they became a couple just because both characters were free and needed something to do. But there's no believability and no passion for sure.

I disagree about Ethan and Theresa, but that's another bowl of worms. :)

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theresa actually has spoken a little bit of Spanish on the show before. And in real life, Lindsay Hartley is fluent in Spanish, despite her Italian and Greek heritage.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show is getting borring. what ever happen to true love for example, theresa and ethan, luis and sheridan. Passions use to be about true love now,it all about evilness.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Rolanda (I know that last one was you, Rolanda), if you think a show with a baby witch, a kidnapping stalker, and an incestuous nun is boring, you'd be out of your mind with bordom from the true-love-theresa-and-ethan-kissing show. Be careful what you wish for.

7:13 PM  

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