Saturday, September 24, 2005

Charming Like a Fox

He's kind of a goofball, or at least he comes off that way. I'm not talking about Fox, I'm talking about the actor who plays him, Justin Hartley. He makes odd faces while on camera. Once I saw him lick his lips, which I don't think I've ever seen an actor do before. It came off as so shocking that I had to go back on my DVR to make sure I'd seen it correctly. He carries himself in an odd way, as if he's never sure what to do with his long limbs.

He also doesn't seem to be in the same soap as everybody else. While most of the other characters, like Ethan, Chad, and Luis, have a grim same-old-soap demeanor, Hartley plays Fox like he's clowning it up in a college skit. He also delivers his lines in a nasally flat Midwestern tone. He doesn't really seem like the playboy son of a rich family; he's more like that son's goof-off slacker friend.

And yet it completely works. Fox is totally charming on camera and is one of the fans' favorites. Reading comments here and on other sites, I realize that most viewers feel the same way I do about Fox. He's fresh; he's irresistible to watch. This is despite never having great plots to act in. Fox always seems to be an extra in someone else's story. That could change now that he's in a relationship with Kay, but the relationship itself is so forced that we really don't care about it.

Let's hope that the writers think of something interesting to do with Fox. Considering how he sparkles in so-so storylines, I'd love to see what he could do with something great.


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