Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Toil and Trouble

Hi campers -- sorry for being away so long. I had a second little trip in there, a long weekend. I'm not usually like this. I'm such a homebody I'm practically agoraphobic.

I'm a little behind on our favorite soap now, but whenever I do tune in I see Tabitha telling Endora how they'll never cross their beams again, after the earthquake and tsunami.

This after getting a confetti shower of congratulations from their friends in the basement. This after causing more death and destruction in one day than they've done in the whole run of "Passions" combined.

I've often felt that Tabitha could be a lot more fun and a lot more menacing, but that the writers just don't know how to handle her. I mean, when she saw what crossing their beams did, she should have been repeating it every hour on the hour.

I suspect that the writers see a lot of plot limitations from going down that road. The character is a lot more powerful than they let her be. She could be causing all kinds of mass destruction. But the writers mostly want to keep status quo in Harmony, so they keep her limited to mostly small things.

BTW, did anyone else see the post on that rubber-faced total hottie Dylan Fergus at Dream Caps? Some nice shirtless pics there.


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