Monday, August 22, 2005


I don't get the whole spoiler thing. Feel free to clue me in. First off, there are so many accurate spoilers out there, organized by date, that there's obviously a pipeline from the networks supplying them. But why do the networks want to let people know exactly what's coming up on the soaps? What do they get out of it? Why not keep some of the mystery?

Second, lots of people are into the spoilers. This baffles me even more. "Passions" moves at a glacial pace, and I'm told that all the other soaps do, too. So if you've got maybe one good event happening in a month (and that's being kind) why ruin it? I'd much rather be surprised.

So if you're reading these entries and I'm guessing about a future event on the show, and you know exactly what's going to happen, now you'll know why I'm in the dark. Because it's easier to enjoy the show that way.


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