Thursday, August 18, 2005

Meeting Angry

How do you know when you've finally met your soulmate?

If you're in Harmony, it's because you can't stand the person.

Let's see: Luis and Sheridan, Chad and Whitney, Noah and Fancy, and Fox and Kay. They all hated each other at first sight. In romantic comedies, people "meet cute." On "Passions," they meet angry.

Fill me in on the others once-angry couples that I'm missing.

I know it's a time-honored soap cliche, but why does "Passions" have to be like the other soaps? I think the writers need to challenge themselves a little more. Or a lot more. Give us something we haven't seen.

BTW, I just read this interesting article from "Media Life Magazine" about how people already hate Noah-Fancy and how the ratings, already low, have fallen even more with this couple. When I look at the ratings, I wonder how much longer we'll have "Passions" to love and ridicule. But then, I've been wondering that for six years now.


Blogger Joe said...

so by your defintion ...Theresa and Ethan should be a supercouple...cause they were pissed at each other when theresa accidently bumped into the ladder that had a paint bucket on it and caused it to pour on him.

11:33 AM  

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