Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Coupling, the "Passions" Fan Way

I admit it, I always looked down on "Passions" fans who made up cutesy combined names for their favorite couple -- "Shuis" being the big one -- and lived for that couple's on-screen romance. I mean, it's about the whole silly show, not one couple. And it's pointless anyway, because there's no "happily ever after" on a soap; there's just one complication after another.

But that was before I discovered "Nox," the Noah-Fox romance. Okay, perhaps I should say "invented" instead of "discovered." Whatever. The fact is that Nox is hot, Nox is unstoppable. The fact that Nox doesn't exist doesn't trouble me more than the "Therox" people who keep living in the five seconds of on-screen romance that Theresa and Fox once enjoyed.

But then I got to thinking, Ethan is really hotter than Fox (although he has much less personality). Perhaps I should devote my life to "Nothan.' The name kind of fits, since it never existed and never will. If all three of them got together, it would be steamy as hell. It would also be "Ethoxoah." Sounds kind of biblical.

I don't know. But whichever I pick, I'll be making a gushy fan site devoted to it soon.


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