Thursday, July 28, 2005

White Knights

So the ground started shaking in Harmony and we were treated to not one but two versions of the "white knight" gimmick in two nearly identical stories. Did the writers not realize this? Noah Bennett needed to save Fancy Crane from falling (into the underground river of lava that flows beneath New England), just before, in a sibling shift, Fox Crane (the man named after two animals) tried to save Kay Bennett from falling.

The fact that these happened at the same time was bad, but the fact that they happened at all is just plane lazy. How many times have we witnessed the white knight rescue? Jeez, how many times has Luis saved Sheridan?

What I'd like this blog, and the community that will grow from it, to show the writers is that we'd like something fresh please. We're the cool kids who watch "Passions" and we don't need lazy Harlequin fantasies repeated over and over.

BTW, today's photo of Fox obviously didn't come from a recent episode. I just thought it was sexy.


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