Monday, July 25, 2005

Scissor Sisters

I almost never scan the soap opera news mags, so it's rare that I'll hear about an upcoming storyline, but luckily I spotted this story. Little Simone Russell is about to go gay. She'll start a relationship with a woman -- a new character named Rae -- and will come out to her family starting in August.

Finally. This should make those viewers happy who were disappointed by the ending of the Beth-Charlie storyline, when, after they shared a steamy kiss, we learned that Charlie was actually Alistair in disguise.

(I think that was the single most unlikely thing to ever happen on "Passions." Yes, even more unlikely than the witchcraft. When Charlie zipped out of that miraculous body suit and showed herself to be Alistair, I groaned so loudly that the whole gym looked at me.)

This news isn't all cherries and cream, though. The story also tells us that Simone is now 22. Because, you see, the writers were clearly afraid of the flak they'd take if they introduced a teen-ager to a lesbian relationship. But come on, 22? When did she finish high school? Why do none of the young characters on "Passions" go to college? The show starts to look anti-higher learning. Maybe the writers were afraid that if the characters got too smart, they'd pull out of the pointless love triangles that make up the bulk of the plots.

I'm glad about the gay storyline, though. Now how about a little action between Fox and Noah?


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