Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Going Upscale

I haven't seen today's "Passions" yet -- it's still on my DVR, awaitin' -- so I don't know what devastation did or didn't happen with today's disaster. Instead, I'm still thinking about how the writers set the scene for it yesterday.

Quite a few characters were gathering at the Blue Note, conveniently the only decent bar in town (and perhaps the only bar in town, now that Spike's perverse frat boys have been burned out of their home-away-from-home).

I love it when all the characters decide to go to the same place at the same time. It's something that we've seen often on this show. If "Time Out" magazine had a Harmony edition, it would be one page long. "Tuesday: Go to the Harmony Ball. This means you."

Harmony has changed a bit since the show started. Back then, the writers steeped us in all things quaint and New England-y, to constantly remind us where we were. Now, the characters have given up the Lobster Shack in favor of the more upscale Blue Note. And we learned that Harmony has a red-light district full of hos. Wow. Harmony is starting to look a lot more like LA, where the writers work and live.


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